Signed Ketchup Packet

It was a rainy black robe slipping through the morning. My sots were potted, my lips were closed on something. Suddenly a noise. “Come swining,” said a whimper near the force field. Ah, naked flame!

Commando Epson Tweaks the Pitch Control Knob Sidewise While Old Missus Fatback Watches

Similarly the setback settled. Summer came, summer went. Leaves were on the snowman for a minute. A total eclipse this day. I have a glass here, a rope, a cord, and blue tape.

Dr. Moltan is Near?

I got up this morning and it was… What happened to the thing, I said. Chimney by the downstairs carpet, biscuits near the furnace, boys in the basket, Mr. Crab walking up the wall. I think thin is the new.

Ghost of Edmund Secretly Weds Alien Deity

Why don’t they make those things anymore? I’m angry because I just went to both stores. It’s so stupid.
On the other hand: Had a good time. Met folks. Laughed, danced. Made tea. Took a breather. Barked a little. Stood still until it passed. Fell face down.

Mirror 259 USA 199

In the movie Mulholland Drive, when the right actress begins to audition, the director says to his cohort: “This is the girl.” So whenever I discover something excellent, like the song River Run from the Philip Glass piece Etoile Polaire, I turn my head really slowly to my neighbor and say: “This is the girl.”

Kissing the Synchrotron

The tack, the symptom, the caution, the courage, the spell.  The sacrifice, the palmer, the civilian.  The gown, the melt.  The skeleton, the wing, the chart.  The gland, the pitch, the mermaid, the imprint, the desk.

Champion Blood vs. Loadable Video

In 1998 “The Bottle” had unparalleled results. Why start with “The Bottle”? In 1999, John C. Vetoflex dipped where that moon stood watching some necks of la swampa. Big Working Mother, from nowhere, clipped it and dragged it. So I guess I won’t be shopping YOUR fortress, hot-boy! Please, tots, urge your unders to do so somewhere.

How can hair ever be a non-issue?

Pink bombs should be washed off within an hour - nowadays there's hardly a woman in the mist called Christine Bugbane.

Some day I'll own a Chevrolet stroller

The pastor was talking about people referring to dogs as pastors in the biblical days.  I probably said that.  Anyway, you were just talking about how dogs ran in groups like wild pastors, and everybody hated them.  Non-pastors want women to help Jesus.  Why would I heal you - even the dogs eat the people, no?  Okay then.

The longer she lives, the more beautiful she becomes!

I only use e-machines because they pace themselves.  So I uninstalled Picassa, and now I'm happy again.  PLUS: The little boy from Pseudo Silence just enrolled in college!

Promplty mail in your fresh taste

I spraypainted the contents of Pilgrim's Progress all over the siding of my townhouse. I named my cats after Pilgrim and his wife. I eat the John Bunyan cereal. Now there is finally a blog that will keep me upadated on everything related to John Bunyan. It will tell me when he goes for a drive. It will tell me when he eats. It will tell me when he dies, and when he is resurrected.  Here is a link to my friend's website about BUNYANISM!!!